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The session includes:

  • 2hr outdoor session in London.
  • Casting advice based on over 14 years' agent experience.
  • 300 + photos taken which will be edited down to the best 100+ proofs.
  • 4 selected photos lightly retouched (colour & B&W) emailed to you in web & print format.

* Please scroll down for FAQ's.

A little bit about me...

I have worked for over 14 years as an actor and agent so have an excellent understanding on how the industry works and the best way to market yourself to casting directors.  I know what it feels like being on the other side of the camera so will work with you on the day to make you feel relaxed and bring out the best in you!


Where will the shoot take place?

The sessions take place outdoors, usually in East London but can depend on the season.

How long will the session last?

The shoot lasts for 2 hours. However please allow extra time incase we need it.

What time are the sessions?

Times vary depending on the season and the weather report but generally we try to avoid the midday sun if we can.

What should I wear for the shoot?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable and feel yourself in the clothes you wear.  I always recommend bringing a range of items to try on the day - such as t-shirts with varying necklines, shirts/suits & jackets.  Please iron any shirts as it really does make a difference and if possible, invest in new t-shirts as the shape and colour will look slicker in the photos.  Generally, we will avoid anything which distracts from your face, however, the trend is moving away from the classic black scooped top so some patterns can work! If in doubt, please bring it along.  Any tops which bring out the colour of your eyes are great! Have a look at other current headshots to see what you like. 

Do I need to prepare before the shoot? 

Yes.  The more preparation you do before the session, the better results you will get.  I recommend thinking of our session as an acting job where we work collaboratively & creatively to get the best results for you, working with the available light.  Preparation involves having a good think about your casting possibilities and what you would like to get out of the shoot, bringing along clothes options which you feel comfortable in which bring out your eyes and help to hint at the casting types you want to achieve (ps please don't forgot to iron any shirt/blouses as it will come across on camera!) and looking out any make-up/hair products and clips you will need for the shoot. Being photographed is an energetic experience and as you will want to look your best, I recommend getting a good night's sleep, drinking lots of water the week before, and avoiding any big drinking sessions leading up to the shoot.   Feel free to bring along any old headshots for us to look over on the day.


For women, make-up can really help to brighten the face, accentuate your best features & hide tiredness.  If you are not used to wearing make-up, I strongly suggest getting some professional advice prior to the shoot on what make-up you should use to help you achieve a natural look but also highlighting your best features/bringing out your eyes. I would recommend that women wear some basic make-up (light foundation/powder, mascara, possibly eyeliner) and to ideally groom the eyebrows to help shape the eyes.  Generally we'll avoid bright lipstick but a little splash of colour to bring out the lips can work. Basically you want to look like yourself but on a great day - energised with your best features accentuated. Please bring along any make-up, hair products on the day and we can touch up as required.

What should I do about my hair?

I would recommend not doing anything drastic with your hair close to the shoot so please have any haircuts or colouring at least a week before the session. Please bring a hairbrush (if required), and for longer hairstyles,  hairbands, clips and products if you want to play about with hair up or in different styles. I will keep an eye on your hair throughout the shoot and do my best to tidy up any distracting stray hairs. For men, we can incorporate a shave midway through the session if you would like to get contrasting looks.

What does retouching involve?

Retouching involves tweaking the colours, exposure and sharpness to help make your headshots 'pop' and stand out. I will remove any blemishes if needed but as your headshot needs to be a true representation of you, I keep my retouching to a minimum.

Can I choose more headshots to be retouched?

Yes of course. The cost of additional retouching is £15 per photo.

When will I receive the photos?

After the session I will edit down the photos and email you within a few days the best 100+ proofs to make your selection. Once you have selected your photos, you will receive the retouched versions within a week.  Please let me know prior to the session if you have a specific deadline to work to  - there is an option to pay an additional £50 for a 24 hour turnaround of final retouched images.

What happens if it is raining on the day of the shoot?

I always do my best to check weather forecasts in advance of the shoot but if the weather takes a turn for the worse, we will arrange to another date to suit you.

DO you take a deposit?

Once we've decided on a date, I'll ask you to transfer over a £50 deposit to secure the booking.  If we need to reschedule the session because of the weather/illness, this will be held towards the next date. However, if you cancel the shoot completely, the deposit is non-refundable.

What happens if I need to cancel the shoot Date?

Being an actor myself, I understand that auditions can crop up very last minute and that no-one wants to be photographed when they are feeling ill.  All I ask, is that you give me as much warning as possible so I can try and fill the slot.  In turn, I will give you the same courtesy. 

How do you accept payment for the shoot?

I am happy to accept the remaining balance as cash on the day or a bank transfer in advance of the shoot.

Do you print headshots?

No I don't. However, there are several excellent printing companies that I can recommend to you.

Can I order more photos at a later stage?

Yes. All the photos from your session will be saved on my server for up to a year after the shoot.

What if I or my agent are not happy with the results?

In the unlikely situation that you are not fully satisfied with your headshots, we can discuss a top-up shoot.

What are your terms and conditions?

All images must be credited © Lesley Cook Headshots

Only retouched images may be used by the client.

Images may not be manipulated or retouched by a third party.